Here’s a simple and craft activity you can make with Children. Sacrifice Beads or Good Deed Beads are a string of ten beads, which can be pulled and remain in place. They are used to count the acts of Love, Kindness or Little Sacrifices a person makes each day for Others & for God. The string of beads helps a person to grow in Love & compassion by reminding & challenging them to make acts of love & Kindness each day. Sacrifice Beads also have a fixed Our Father bead on the end of them and can double up as a rosary!!

St. Therésè, the Little Flower, as a child, used a small string of beads in her pocket to help her count the good works she did each day and offer them to God. These good deed beads, or sacrifice beads, can be used to remind you keep track of your good deeds throughout the day. All you do is pull down a Hail Mary bead for each good deed and the bead stays in place!

So get making and share kindness!!

You can download, print and share this from here – Good Deed Bracelets